How Odoo ERP helps us to take control of our business

You may sell great products. You may provide valuable services. And your team may be highly-skilled. However, any business faces new challenges every single day. And the question is how you decide to deal with them. If you are looking for an effective and universal toolkit, odoo ERP software is what you need.

You have probably heard about ERP already, but what is it exactly? ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning which is a complex solution for the most widespread business issues. 

How Odoo ERP solves important challenges of your business:


Communication challenges

If one employee has to contact another employee to get key information, you are in trouble. You do not want the whole business process to stop because someone is unavailable. Being so dependent is both a problem and a risk in a professional setting. You want everyone in the team to be well informed. And you do not want people to constantly distract each other. Therefore, you need a system for keeping all the necessary information. This is exactly what odoo ERP software does, it keeps all necessary information in a central system. As a result, each authorized team member will be able to find what information they are looking for.

Repetitive manual tasks

In the beginning, performing tasks manually is often the only available option. However, the bigger your company gets, the more data will be there. Naturally, at some point, you will consider hiring more people to deal with a new load of tasks. Please keep in mind that company growth does not necessarily mean an increase in the number of employees. By setting up odoo ERP, you can organize the work of your enterprise in a truly effective manner. For example, odoo ERP can create order sheets and invoices instead of waiting for accountants to do it. Or it can readily provide relevant real-time information about the products you have in stock in your inventory.

Customer data tracking

No matter what you do, the customer is king. But what happens to the customer's data when the order is fulfilled? Your company cannot improve if you do not keep track of the customer details. You cannot meet the needs of your customers if you are not aware of them. odoo ERP software keeps all records of all customers. It allows your employees to keep track of all communication, order history, feedback, and so on. When a customer returns, anyone in the team will be able to provide the best personally-tailored service.

Financial disorder

To be financially stable, the company has to know where the money is going. Depending on the number of processes that are involved in any business, this can be challenging. Not with odoo ERP though. It can store information about orders, production, and delivery expenses. It can analyze the information and provide detailed reports without mistakes. By the way, this software can be so powerful that you might be able to use different currencies without any additional difficulties.

Decision making

All of the above leads to this point. Decision-making is one of the most complicated and responsible part of any job. To enable your employees to deal with it well, you need to create a suitable environment. The one where they will always have a clear understanding of the company’s state. It is impossible to make this happen without smart software that is adapted to your circumstances.

If you face any of the aforementioned issues, but ignore them, they will get worse. And if you decide to fix them, you need a universal solution. Not just a way to tackle a particular problem now, but a long-term system. By using ERP software you can transform the way your company functions and create an efficient process which will then lead to long-term success.


Now, we will discuss in detail the reasons why Odoo ERP is one of the best and most efficient software in the market today.

Why Odoo ERP is chosen?

Odoo combines ease of use and wide-ranging functionality for effective business management. The platform provides a large number of convenient tools for managing all business processes of the company: production, sales, warehouse management, logistics, accounting, reporting, and more.

Among the main advantages of the system are a number of applications that allow you to customize Odoo to meet the specific needs of your company and quickly expand functionality when needed.

Odoo is an open-source solution, that is constantly updated and improved by hundreds of professionals around the world. The system is actively developing and with each new iteration, it becomes even more reliable, functional, and convenient.

Why do businesses choose Odoo?

  • All-in-one solution:  Odoo allows you to manage numerous business processes and marketing activities, create websites, analyze key performance indicators, manage stuff and improve the interaction between divisions. And all this is available through a single convenient environment.

  • Add-ons for any needs: You can create custom Odoo-based systems designed to meet the needs of different businesses. From the powerful manufacturer of daily consumer goods to the IT company or passenger carrier - Odoo will be a great solution for any business.

  • User-friendly experience: Odoo combines its extensive capabilities with ease of use. There is no need to pay for long and expensive training in order to teach your employees how to use Odoo. The system works on any operating system and has built-in mobile support.

  • Low cost of ownership: Odoo is an open-source platform, so the cost of licensing fees for using it is merely 5% of the cost of implementation of SAP ERP. Odoo ERP will allow you to significantly reduce the cost of the implementation.

Can SMEs use Odoo ERP or Odoo CRM?

Since MNCs are already applying Odoo ERP to manage their internal processes, many ask, “can I use it in my small or medium business?” Well – The answer is clear! Odoo has the ability to adapt to any type and size of the company, you just need to get it customized for your business processes. We at Orgocloud Enterprises can help you to do this for your business.

Odoo is currently the most popular business management software that helps develop comprehensive ERP applications with essential functions like Accounting, Finance, Project Management, Sales and Purchasing, CRM, Warehouse Management, Human Resources Management, Marketing, Point of Sale, Electronic Commerce, and many more.

Integrating multiple features into a single application package has never been as easy and hassle-free as it is with Odoo. Its modular approach redefines scalability and allows companies to start with a standard application and eventually add modules as the business evolves.

Most Popular Odoo ERP Modules

Odoo’s fundamental principle is to empower the customer journey. One of the characteristics that differentiate Odoo from other ERP software is its modular architecture. There are several core modules and apps, which allow the customer to select only the applications most relevant to their business.

Below, we will see the Odoo modules and what they are for! Remember that each app fully integrates with all other Odoo apps, allowing you to manage all your data in one system.

Odoo Accounting

The accounting module connects directly to the bank or PayPal account, and the transactions are synchronized every hour. This module simplifies the process of creating and sending invoices, facilitates the understanding of the financial situation, and enables you to manage employees’ expenses and more.

Odoo Inventory & MRP

Odoo’s manufacturing management apps support manufacturing processes and the supply chain. It automates the purchases by defining rules on made-to-order products, minimum stock, or main production plan.

The inventory management module allows controlling processing time by automating inventory transactions and improving transparency in all business operations. It organizes the warehouse efficiently, managing shipment details, purchases order proposals based on inventory forecasts, tracks product expiration, and creates custom barcodes.

Odoo Website

The Odoo Websites app allows efficiently building and managing the online store while creating the best shopping experience for the customer. This module enables us to manage and set payment terms, define product promotions, and much more. It also allows you to implement a live chat to answer customer questions in real-time.

Odoo Email Marketing/SMS Marketing/ Social Media Marketing

A positive customer journey is essential, and Odoo Email Marketing knows precisely how to achieve it. The Marketing module enables you to create automated and targeted marketing campaigns, segmenting prospects appropriately.

Thanks to this powerful Email Marketing tool, it is now possible to structure visually appealing email campaigns in a few minutes. Not just email:  You can also do SMS campaigns and manage your corporate social media like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, accounts from it.

Odoo CRM

Odoo is also a powerful CRM platform: From lead generation, to sales order finalization all can be done in a single app.  It also helps to schedule activities such as calls, meetings, mailings, and quotes and allows you to stay connected with your customers.   

Odoo Sales

The sales module simplifies negotiations with an electronic signature, which allows customers to easily review and sign quotes online. Odoo Sales makes communications efficient by being able to receive personalized alerts on certain activities and automatically keep complete records of trades.

In addition, the software facilitates upselling, automatically proposing extra options and accessories, applying close triggers and discounts.


If you are planning to take a leap in your business by deciding to customize Odoo ERP for your company, at Orgocloud Enterprises, we are ready to support you. Our developers will interpret your requirements and business process needs to adapt them to the Odoo ERP solution. For any questions, do not hesitate to write us at

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